Work Wanted In NSW (Expired)

Work Wanted in Mount Druitt, NSW · Posted October 9 · Personal Carers

This job ad has expired. Please note that the information below is for reference only.

I wish to work as Assistant In Nurse in Nursing facility. I am a student who is presently studying Assistant Nurse at TAFE now. I also have over 10 years experience as a nurse in my country, working in Brain surgery and Orthopedics surgery wards, each for five years. I cared for these patients and most of them were elderly, had dementia and people who is difficult to move the body. My technical is a high standard, so I believe that it will be helpful for your clients and your team staff. I have good communication skills with various people who have a range of medical conditions. Moreover, I enjoyed to work with various people, so it will be valuable experience to work in nursing facility in Australia. Thank you for your time, and I look forward hearing from you.